Be Creative And Stop Thinking

Be Creative And Stop Thinking

If you want to transform your life, your reason has no ability to create something new and original, but rather to recreate the same by imitation. His thinking is not a creative mind, but simply an accumulation of words according to what others have taught him and some knowledge that comes from his own experience.

One of the greatest tragedies of our planet is not to be aware that we are, most of us, completely conditioned in a structure of thought, without realizing it.

Be Creative And Stop ThinkingWe imitate our predecessors from birth and then our creative spirit is not used to freely choose the life we ​​want to be, to do and to have.

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Thus, the past, the known, i.e. memory and reason in you cannot be the basis for the new, the unknown you want to achieve. In truth, you could not even recognize what new you want to accomplish, because if you know in advance the result is that it is already known in your memory.

Be Creative And Stop ThinkingSee what happens? There can be something new in your life, if the known, the past, then reason and memory are the basis of your thinking.

I understand that memory is important to rebuild a useful thing like brushing teeth, speaking a language or knowing a working technique.

Therefore, real creation begins by accepting that the known, the reason, the memory and the experience of the past are the reactive, i.e. passive, mind.

Be Creative And Stop ThinkingTo be creative, it is necessary to understand and bring into existence, what the creative imagination is actively through direct observation.

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This aspect of direct observation looks at what it is, i.e. the present outside of you and in you to gather information. But thinking about what you see, you are misrepresenting this information by your past beliefs (what it was), that you seek to make last in the future (what it should be).

Be Creative And Stop ThinkingYou cannot even create or imagine using reason, as it is the main obstacle that prevents your mind from thinking. The reason is past memory, known, that seeks to win, to believe superior because she is afraid to lose face by saying that she does not know.

Therefore, reason is not active in creation, but inactive in imitation.

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