Is Your Husband Cheating, The Best Solution For Your Well-Being?

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How did you feel after you cheated on your husband and what were your feelings the moment you were cheating on him? Are not there two truths lived in the same process?

Not really, since its truth changes every moment. Are you currently cheating on your husband or are you reading this article?

And before you came to this article, did you intend, a motive sought in order to cleanse the consciousness concerning your experience?

Do you want to become aware of what infidelity is, where you are born and freely choose something that will produce well-being?

Is not it a beautiful promise to do my part? And yours, is not it to have a sincere intention to understand a new point of view without judging it or contributing any kind of reasoning?Is Your Husband Cheating, The Best Solution For Your Well-Being

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How do you know if you are attentive?

Your truth is your feeling as you read and not what you think concerning what you did before. Can you observe this simple truth that is yours? To be attentive is to observe or imagine, without the conditioned mind, without the memory intervening during that current process.

You see, you are constantly reacting through memory without being aware and seldom, are aware of you consciously.

You talk often and often think of the present moment, but you are not attentive to that present moment. That present moment comes into existence when you observe that your words and your thought must be silent first of all.

The present moment is to see life as it is and not to think about how it should be, nor how it has been.Is Your Husband Cheating, The Best Solution For Your Well-Being

Your truth is not what you think about infidelity

What you felt is no longer your truth, but a mental construction that you kept in your memory. Are you aware of that? From your feelings every moment and not from thinking about what you have done, you have said and felt?

And when you think about it, having deceived her husband, she is careful to observe what is thinking? Do you have thoughts of guilt towards the other or towards you? Do you have ideas that justify your behavior by blaming the other person? Are you reasoning to invent, deny or lie about your infidelity? You live in fear, do not you?

What do you know about yourself, about love?

If you are not attentive to your truths, how can you be your partner, your children, your acquaintances, your relationships?

Did you take on the task of getting along with your partner before cheating? In what way were you related to him and how was that desire for infidelity born in you?

Is not it important to understand that? Otherwise, you will repeat, out of habit, the same behaviors in your future relationships.

What does it mean for you to be in love relationship with your partner? Was not it conditioned to believe that love was to need each other and all kinds of things invented by the people they share?

Do you know what love is not in this way make sure not to make the same mistakes of their predecessors, their teachers, their parents, etc?

Thus, infidelity is not a conscious decision on her part, that’s not her fault, but she comes from the conditioning of his thinking during his childhood. Nobody taught him how to think and what his human nature.

You created that unconsciously, but you were the one who created it. The important thing is to accept it without bringing a trial against anyone or against you. It is conditioned thinking that judges and does not intend to understand what is new. The old thought seeks only to recognize and thus be comfortable with the past.Is Your Husband Cheating, The Best Solution For Your Well-Being

Where did the desire to be unfaithful come from?

In this way, you enter into your love affairs with a man, full of enthusiasm, since you have no “memory” of that relationship. And the moment you say the famous phrase “I love you” or “I need you” or “I love you,” then you create your greatest fear.

The fear of losing that love, because they conditioned the soul that love had conditions. So you believe that the other should bring you well-being and not be happy and do something from that state.

The problem in a relationship is not you or the other person, but the myth of love that others have conditioned you to believe. That love is more than everything to give, to receive. I recommend reading this article to understand another point of view.

Then, you manage to make exchanges “I win-you win”, you give me this and I give you that. That is not love, but expectations, dependencies, obligations, and conditions. Love, its nature, is not that.

You now own your man and you are safe. It is what you have been taught, but it is not what you are, it is not your nature.

That security replaces that magnificent freedom they both have and in that freedom, there were no deceptions, only love and the desire to be both right.

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That security was for reasons, not to lose that love and keep it permanently. You want to have a “forever” in one relationship and so limit yourself and force the other to keep a promise forever. His teachings on security are the proclamation of fear and not of love.

Why do you stop pleasing your partner, to be beautiful in your eyes? Why do you want to control your partner? Why did he neglect to pay attention? Why has he continually ordered you to do something? Why did you prefer your friends to him? Why did he accuse him and criticize him for being the problem?

I have a question. What did you do as kind action and not with words, in order to create your own well-being? Actions that will please him and not believe that they like, according to you?hotel, travel, relationships and sexual problems concept - wife caught man cheating with another woman

Talking about love, saying “I love you”, without doing kind actions is an infidelity, the greatest! Words without actions are nothing but lies. Do you do politics?

What do you choose to experience now? To continue in the same myth of love or else in thought, word, and action?

You have a choice now, a free choice. Before you had no choice, that is, you obeyed the teaching conditional on fear and guilt.