The Ex Back

The Ex Back

It may be difficult for us to recognize it but the ex-always say “present” one way or another in our lives. Now, the traits of our past partners can help us find a new online partner.

The number one online dating site in the world, announces a new possibility, in addition to the already well-known match making services on the portal: the chance to find a partner based on the physical characteristics of the former.

The Ex BackMost people often say that they do not want anything to remind them of their former partners, but in their new choices – probably unconsciously – they look for similar facial structures, for example. Therefore, as a premium service, – through an alliance with The Three Day Rule, a personalized US dating service will use facial recognition technology to analyze the characteristics of past couples and find similarities in the new candidates. The mechanism will be simple: people, who pay for this special service, send photos of their ex and facial recognition software will scan possible matches to find a candidate nearby.

The Ex BackStatistics indicate that couples who are known via the Web are more likely to be sustained over time because they are born of coincidences. This has an explanation: in addition to the “search filters” system that lets you choose the physical, personality, geographical characteristics, etc. in a potential lover.

The Ex BackBeyond what the registered user chooses as options in their profile, the system “reads” their searches and registers them, suggesting new compatibilities. . It’s something like the human brain. When users give them stimuli, the system forms neural pathways. If you stop liking something, discontinue it. It is about learning on the fly about the tastes of users, as do so many other technology platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Facebook.

The Ex BackEven if we say that that woman or that man of the past no longer means anything in our lives, they matter in the measure they make to our history and, therefore, they are a constituent part of who we are today.

Are the ex-returning? It seems so, but do not be scared . They only come back to help us in the search for a new love.

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