We Still Do Not Meet Personally: Do We Have A Relationship?

We Still Do Not Meet Personally: Do We Have A Relationship

When two people get to know each other over the internet, it is common that, even before they met, they have already talked enough through chat or voice. It is precisely in these conversations that affinities are identified, which often causes interest to flow between them. When the two are in the same city and there is no impediment, the most frequent thing is that a meeting is arranged immediately. That encounter can confirm affinities and increase interest, leading to a more serious relationship.

However, not always those involved are in that ideal situation in which you can arrange a meeting easily. Many times people live in cities many miles away or have another type of obstacle.

We Still Do Not Meet Personally: Do We Have A RelationshipIn these latter cases, the solution is to continue talking at a distance only through the internet or by telephone. In this way, even without being found, the relationship advances. You get to know each other better; you find similarities (and differences, of course) between the two, mutual admiration, attraction … and even passion! But how to be in love with someone without having personally met him? It’s possible?

I am accustomed to say that, in the case of relationships, everything is possible. That is because we are talking about feelings and feelings do not follow too much logic or rationality. Thus, it is possible to fall in love with someone without ever having been face to face with the person.

When passion arises, and especially when this passion is mutual, it is common for doubt to arise: “what are we one of the other? Do we have a relationship? “The questioning is quite reasonable as the falling in love and the desire to find the other cause the search for a relationship to stop. In this way, one ends up remaining faithful to the other.

However, many times the question is simply floating in the air, without being verbalized during the conversations. The reason for that is that those involved are usually afraid to mention the matter and seem too rushed or even afraid to appear to be pushing the other person in an undesirable way.

Well, if a relationship of this type relies primarily on dialogue (written or oral), since both have not yet met, why leave this important issue outside the talks? I think it is important that you treat it and talk openly, frankly and clearly. Talking about any topic does not necessarily mean demanding or reprimanding something to the other. Therefore, the tone should not be of recrimination but of conversation.

We Still Do Not Meet Personally: Do We Have A RelationshipTalking about it is a good idea for several reasons. First, it moderates the anxiety and tension of simply not knowing one’s “marital status.” Second, they can both realize that they share the same expectations and intentions about the relationship and can also align those expectations and intentions. Imagine what would happen if one believes you are in a relationship and the other is considered single.

In case the couple talks about the issue and decides that they are in a relationship, even before the meeting, a new question arises: what to say to others? It is common for people to feel reluctant to tell their family, friends and acquaintances about the relationship and be criticized for it. On that, I think, first of all, no one is obligated to share everything with everyone. If someone does not feel like telling the story to others, its better that they just do not do it. There is nothing wrong with it.

We Still Do Not Meet Personally: Do We Have A RelationshipHowever, I think that when things are well understood internally, it is easier to explain to others. When a person is accepting their relationship well, it may be easier to explain to the acquaintances how things happened without so much fear of being criticized.

It is important to keep in mind that a couple relationships that begins in this way is not worse or better than another. Internet is today one more means through which we can meet people and relate to them. And knowing how to use it well for this purpose is not a defect, but a virtue.

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