10 Great Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most significant parts of your house. If you’re planning a new bathroom, you’ll need some inspiration. Whether you’re a modern minimalist or a traditional individual who enjoys the more exceptional things, there are many great ideas to enhance your bathroom and give it some character.

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Change Your Floor

Make a statement in your bathroom and choose an original floor design. They work best with plain walls, and you could choose patterned floor tiles. The ceramic designs are beautiful, and there is a wide range available.

Free-Standing Bath

If you have the room for a free-standing bath, then you should consider getting one. Traditional clawfoot baths or more contemporary corner baths make beautiful additions to your bathroom.

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Bathroom Fixtures

Add space to your bathroom floor by using wall-mounted fixtures. They look nice and are convenient for finding things in a rush.

If you’re decorating your bathroom, it might be worth adding new radiators to complement your décor. Companies like Apollo Radiators supply a wide range of products, including modern aluminium radiators.

Metro Tiles

The rectangular-shaped tiles come in a variety of colours, and they’re very popular and complement modern bathroom designs.

High-Level Toilets

If you’re a traditional person, then a high-level toilet adds a touch of old-fashioned class. The cistern is attached to the wall, and they are features that get people’s attention.

Walk-in Shower

Previously, a walk-in shower was considered an expensive luxury, but today the prices are more realistic. They’re stylish, spacious and very convenient.


Instead of the typical bathroom spotlights, why not go traditional and have a bathroom chandelier? They may not be everyone’s taste, but combined with the right décor they look incredible. While the beautiful lights are signs of majesty and wealth, they’re reasonably priced and suit most budgets.

Rose Gold and Copper Accessories

This year, rose gold and copper have increased a great deal in popularity. Taps and showers look great in these colours, and it makes a nice change from chrome. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then rose gold or copper is the way to go.

Waterfall Taps

The taps have a waterfall effect, letting water gently cascade into the sink. They’re perfect for a modern or minimalist design and look appealing.