5 interesting facts about Drupal

If you own a website, you should know about Drupal. Drupal is an excellent content management system that can be used to build unique, engaging websites that are flexible and secure. This is ideal for many business owners and website owners. If you’ve never heard of Drupal, here are a few interesting facts.

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Drupal Is Used By Lots Of People

You may not have heard of Drupal before, but it is famous across the globe. Drupal Core, which is the basic Drupal model, has been translated into more than 90 different languages so that it can be used around the world. Some of the languages in which it is offered include Hebrew, Chinese and even the internet-based Lolspeak!

Drupal Is Flexible

One of the main benefits of Drupal is how flexible it is, thanks largely to the huge community that is involved in the project; there are currently nearly one million users building themes and creating websites, and anyone who uses the system can take advantage of all of these wonderful options.

Drupal Is Used By Many Powerful Organisations

Drupal is used by lots of different governments and organisations. When President Obama moved into office, lots of US government websites were converted to Drupal software, including the official website for the President. This highlights the efficiency of the Drupal system.

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Drupal Is Used By Lots Of World-Famous Brands

The US government isn’t the only high-profile organisation that is taking advantage of Drupal; many other world-famous companies are also embracing the technology. This includes Tesla Motors, The Economist and Timex, and it’s likely that even more companies will start to use the technology in the future!

Drupal Is Named After A Misspelling

Drupal may be an effective form of website production, but it isn’t perfect. In fact, it is named after a misspelling! The Drupal founder misspelled the Dutch word “dorp”, which means village, typing in “drop” instead. This translated into “drupel”, and thus Drupal was born.

Drupal is gaining popularity as one of the most well-developed open source technology platforms. Every year, the platform grows larger and larger, so if you want to get involved, you’re not alone!