A gap in the market? New dry-bar pop up opens

When considering a trip to their local pub, most people would assume that socialising over a few alcoholic beverages is pretty standard. But an Edinburgh based businessman has recently broken one of the rules of the conventional ‘boozer’, by opening an alcohol free bar.

A gap in the market

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A new concept

Jamie Walker believes that there is a gap in the market for such an establishment and that the aptly named Dry Bar in Stockbridge could pull in punters who are looking to socialise in a conventional pub setting, without the pressure to buy or consume alcohol. According to STV, Walker used to have a drinking problem and for him, and no doubt countless other recovering alcoholics, the prospect of being in a traditional pub can be daunting and difficult. Walker’s concept gives them a place with a pub-like environment without the option to buy booze.

Alternative option

Having said that, there are alcohol free cocktails, beers and spirits on the menu. Walker isn’t necessarily trying to offer a purely health-conscious establishment, rather an alternative that is devoid of alcohol and the behaviour that tends to go with it. The concept isn’t about competing with pubs, just giving consumers another option. in an age where specialist shops, bars and restaurants are on the rise to meet the diverse needs of a varied society, another option is never a bad thing.

Stable atmosphere

Dry Bar is a warm and cosy space, with commercial refrigeration https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-refrigeration, modern tech and all the home comforts you’d expect to see in a standard pub. the absence of alcohol means that the mood stays more relaxed and stable, no matter what time of night you arrive. Being sober in a room full of those who are inebriated can be uncomfortable and, at times, intimidating. Dry Bar removes that problem.

Reformed character

Having previously owned a high end whisky distillery, Walker is all too familiar with the effects of alcohol. He developed a drinking problem and spent time in a rehabilitation centre in South Africa, before coming up with this new venture. Whether or not Dry Bar can continue to pull in teetotal customers remains to be seen. As the first of its kind in Edinburgh, it is certainly a unique concept that many non-drinkers could embrace and enjoy.