Beautifully Beach-ready!

Hooray! Summer is just around the corner and this year make sure you have all of your essentials before you hit the beach. If you can’t wait to shrug off those heavy jumpers and want to start planning all of this year’s summer styles then this is what you’re going to need:


Gladiator sandals are great for the evening but they are a bit tricky to do up when you’re covered in sand. For day to day summer living, get yourself some simple slip-ons to take to the beach for the easiest transition between beach and pavement. They don’t have to be pricey so get yourself a couple of pairs for when one pair gets wet and team up with simple shorts for the perfect beach look.


This summer shades are going to be bright, bold and statement-making. The vintage look is still in, so go retro with your eyewear with some 50s style sunglasses, circle sunglasses with coloured lenses, or sunglasses with embellished frames. This year it’s all about glam so get wild with your sunglasses and make them as bold and as beautiful as you can fit on your face.

Cool Summer Dress

Here, cool means trendy and a dress to keep you cool. The perfect summer dress is one that is easy to pull on when it’s hot. Cotton is the ideal material for a pretty summer dress as it will keep your legs cool and a simple style can be accessorized in any way you like. Keep the fabric thin and the length should be about half way up your thigh. Why not make your own summer shift dress for the ultimate in bespoke fashion? For Cotton Poplin Fabric, visit

Beautifully Beach-ready!

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A Hat

This is the perfect season for donning a hat. Summer hats keep the sun out of your eyes, keep your cheeks free from sunburn and generally look adorable in the hot weather. Shop around or make your own this year for something a little different. Why not think about a straw trilby in place of the usual large brimmed straw hat?

Beautifully Beach-ready!2

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Thankfully we can pack away our bikinis this summer as one-piece swimwear is all the rage this year. Shopping for your body shape will ensure you find one that fits in all the right places and pair it up with some colourful sarongs and shorts to complete the look. This is an easy way to create a beach outfit ensemble and not just a swimming costume.

The Bag

Totes are king of the beach and when it comes to the right summer bag, you can never go wrong with a cool graphic tote. They complement an outfit without drawing too much focus and they are big enough and sturdy enough to carry exactly what we need for the beach without being too bulky.


Go big on hair accessories this summer but for jewellery, it’s all about being understated. There are quite a lot of bold patterns and colours around this summer so it’s probably best to tone down the jewellery by wearing some delicate hoop earrings and a simple pendant.