Big Sewer Problems because of Wet Wipes

The two domestic issues that cause householders the most grief in the winter are blocked sewers and faulty central heating. Whilst some blocked drains and some broken boilers are completely outside of our control, there is plenty that we can do to help ourselves.

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Regularly servicing your central heating boiler is a wise move, as it will allow niggling defects that could cause a future breakdown to be spotted. Taking care about what you are flushing down your toilet is a simple way of preventing unpleasant blockages that are costly to fix.

Taking Responsibility

According to Water UK (the industry body that represents all the water companies in the UK), there are now around 300,000 sewer blockages every year. This is both inconvenient and costly. It is estimated that the blockages cost £100 million every year, and this is money that could be reinvested so that services are improved.

Manufacturers have their role to play by making it clear on wipe labels that they are not suitable for flushing. As consumers, we have our role to play. There are only three things that should be flushed down the toilet and they are: pee, poo and (toilet) paper.

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Acting in Plenty of Time

When it comes to your central heating boiler, time is of the essence. If you suspect that there is a problem and need help with boiler repair there are firms that can help you. All you have to do is contact experts and ask them to pop out and check over your boiler.

Even if it is not causing a problem, it is sensible to get it serviced every year.

Thinking of Others

Regularly servicing your boiler is your way of keeping those in your home and in your neighbourhood safe. Faulty gas boilers can be hazardous in terms of fire, explosions and carbon monoxide emissions. Regular checks by a Gas Safe engineer will ensure that you are doing your bit to keep everyone safe.  It will also mean that get a whole new boiler might be avoided but if not you could contact a Boiler Installation Cheltenham company at options including It takes very little effort to put a wet wipe in the bin rather than flushing it down the toilet. Blocked sewers cause huge inconvenience to others in your community. Wipes also contribute towards the pollution of our oceans and damage wildlife. Dispose of them responsibly and do your bit for the planet.