CBG Might Be the Best CBD

Cannabinoids (CBD) are all the rage in the medical community and among those looking for effective and potentially powerful natural medicines. There are six types of CBD, and all of them are produced by CBG acid that is extracted from hemp plants. CBG soft gels, tinctures, and vape pens can provide potentially significant medical benefits without the potential for abuse or addiction that comes with many prescription drugs.

Non-Intoxicating Medicinal Properties

CBG contains less than 0.3 percent THC and is not considered to be an intoxicating substance. The THC that is does have is in very small quantities and does not share the psychoactive nature of the type found in cannabis and marijuana. Instead. CBG contains terpenes that provide a range of medicinal benefits, including reducing pain and inflammation. CBG also helps people to regulator their sleep and enhances appetite.

Possible Medical Uses of CBG

The potential medical benefits of CBG remain under scientific study and awaits confirmation of the many potential medical uses. Because it contains a variety of terpenes, CBG is showing strong promise in helping other medicines provide even greater health benefits. That is because the terpenes in CBG help it to bond more effectively with the receptors located throughout the brain and body. Better bonding results in better processing of medicinal compounds and boosts the body’s natural immune system.