Getting Released “On Your Own Recognizance”

Most people never imagine that they’ll have to deal with being arrested and taken into police custody. The reality though is that many people do have to deal with this reality, whether the crime is driving under the influence, robbery, domestic violence or some other crime. In order to arrest someone, police do have to collect enough evidence in advance in order to legally take someone in. Once a person is in police custody, they will be officially booked and then placed in jail until a bail amount is set and hopefully, the bail money is raised.

Attaining Release So a Defense Can Be Created

The issue surrounding bail is to attain release from jail. If released, the person under suspicion can then work with an attorney and create a defense case. Obviously, being able to work with an attorney while living at home is preferable to staying in jail, which is why it’s so important to raise the bail funds.

Obviously, not everyone will have automatic access to the needed bail funds, which is why those funds can be obtained in the form of a loan from bail bonds allentown pa. A bail bond is a loan that’s created to cover the cost of bail. This fund is taken out by someone close to the suspect, and then posted to the court. Once the case has gone through the court and a verdict is reached, the bail funds will be returned to the party who paid them. At that time they can pay back the bail bonds company, with interest.

Being arrested is a difficult situation, to say the least. Being released after arrest, however, is very important for the peace of mind and well-being of the suspect, which is why having the funds needed to deal with the situation is so important. Just knowing that there is a system in place for obtaining those funds can go a long way towards restoring the suspect’s peace of mind and ability to develop a sound legal defense.