Ghostly Goings On

As Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to look at some of the UK’s most haunted roads. If you drive often, chances are you’ve already encountered these spooky streets. Here are some ghostly tales from menacing motorways and horrifying highways:

A229 Ghost Bride

This stretch of road between Kent and Suffolk is allegedly the most haunted road in England. There is a spectral hitchhiker, who gets in the car and then disappears and a ghost bride who was killed whilst driving to her wedding. For those who drive for a living, don’t be afraid of monstrous fuel prices and consider a BP Fuel Card from

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One of the oldest roads in the UK, the original road was built by the Romans. Motorists have claimed to have seen Roman soldiers marching across the road in the middle of the night! Similar to reports from the Bermuda Triangle, even cars, lorries and hitchhikers have been said to disappear from sight without explanation.


As this road passes through Hampstead, motorists will find The Spaniard’s Inn, a pub built in the 1500s and said to be extremely haunted. Hunting for passing drivers, a highwayman is said to stalk the area. So beware when passing this creepy drinking establishment.

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Stocksbridge Bypass

When this bypass was built in 1988, workers began reporting odd things. They saw children playing on the site but when approached, they disappeared! The children were dressed in old fashioned clothing and might have been the restless souls of those who disappeared in mine shafts there a long time ago.