How to buy smart on Black Friday

If you’re in the market for a new TV this Black Friday, be sure to stop and think before you buy. The cheapest deals aren’t always the best. Here we take a look at how to buy smart.

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HDMI ports

If you’re into TV, you’ll probably want at least three HDMI inputs. Those ports need to be HDCP 2.2 compliant or you won’t be able to connect a 4K media player, UHD box or UHD Blu-ray player. For more information on HDMI standards, please refer to


To take full advantage of Black Friday deals, it’s best to go for the top technology currently available, which means you’ll be looking at a 4K model. However, not all 4K TVs are made equal. Newer models will support HDR and the cheaper of these will only cover the basic HDR10 standard. Black Friday is probably the time to aim a little higher than HDR10, and you’ll want to get some decent network connectivity via either Panasonic’s Firefox OS or LG’s webOS.


If you’re getting your TV digitally through an aerial or from a satellite dish, you won’t be doing your new TV justice if your signal is poor or drops out from time to time. If you need to, be sure to get a professional to fit your new aerial or dish. For example, Gloucester TV aerial installation experts like Steve Unett Aerials install aerials in Tewkesbury combine affordability with attention to detail.

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OLED pick

LG’s current OLED range are some of the best TVs they have ever produced, but the 2016 “6” models are also great and may be available on Black Friday as clearance stock.

Super Sony

Another brilliant TV that may well be available at bargain prices is the Sony KD-65ZD9. It is one of the best HDR TVs out there and boasts some of the best colour definition ever produced.

Save on Samsung

Samsung released some great TVs this year, but they were on the expensive side. There should be good savings available on Black Friday, most likely on the Q7 line and 6 series.

Whatever TV you opt for this Black Friday, make sure to buy it from a reputable and proven seller. If you can, purchase it on a credit card for the extra consumer protection it affords.