How to choose your wardrobe door designs

Once you’ve made the exciting decision to purchase a new fitted wardrobe, you’ll be faced with a choice of door designs. Your only problem will be choosing which modern, stylish design you like the most. A totally bespoke design gives you a huge amount of freedom to choose a design that really fits in with your décor. As no two bedrooms are the same, neither are the bespoke wardrobes that grace them.

It’s a fun process but how do you know which designs will look best and suit your needs the closest? Here are some of the options available:

Mirrored designs

Mirrors in bedrooms are perfect for creating the illusion of more space, especially when situated opposite a window. Sliding wardrobes are great for saving space, as they slide sideways inside of out into the room. Combine this with the mirrors’ reflection of light, you’ll bedroom will immediately benefit from an airier, more spacious feel. The additional light also helps to create a fresher ambience, making your room even more welcoming. For help with choosing Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit

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Panelled designs

Different panel designs create a chic, contemporary feel in a bedroom. Perhaps you dream of bold shapes or patterns to compliment your existing décor or jazz up an otherwise plain room. A gentle geometric pattern can also provide a subtle focal point, making a design statement that’s not too brash. This is definitely the choice for those looking for modern appeal.


Gone are the days when wardrobes have to be wood effect or white. The choice of colour comes down to personal taste, but there are many options to choose from including pink, denim-effect and pf course, the traditional wood look. Samples provide a great way of checking to see what would look right in your room.

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Depending on your budget, there are also choices to be made in what range you choose. There are often differently priced ranges including classic, premium and deluxe. You’ll want high-quality products of excellent value. Classic lines are usually the cheapest, while premium ranges include more of the contemporary designs that are on trend. Deluxe will usually include same designs as classic and premium but are constructed with thicker aluminium.


The material used for the frame can also differ, with thicker aluminium frames forming part of the premium and deluxe ranges. These might have a longer guarantee and are designed to last for many years.