How to pack a parcel for safe delivery

If you want to ensure your parcel reaches its destination in good form, undamaged and to the receiver’s satisfaction, packaging your item properly is essential.

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In fact, a courier can refuse to accept your package if it is not suitably packaged. You’ll find plenty of comprehensive online guides regarding packaging, but here are the most important factors to consider.


To decrease the risk of your parcel being damaged, it is always better to send two lighter packages than one extremely heavy one. Keep in mind that a person needs to carry your package, and there are very rarely two couriers working together. You do not want to risk your item being dropped because of weight issues.

Any local delivery service or same day courier in Slough, such as, will have weight restrictions and will give you guidelines on how to ensure you package your item properly.

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Package your item in a double-corrugated cardboard box that is appropriate for the item size. Try to use a new box rather than a used one so that it is still firm and without punctures. If you feel there is too much movement within the box, use bubble wrap.

Internal protection

Wrap each item separately and avoid placing items in the top of edges of the box. Provide each item with at least 2 inches of protection to prevent them from clashing against each other or risking damage from shock movements. Keep the items cushioned and take a photograph of how you have packed your item inside the box as proof.

Closing your box

Make sure you seal the box with suitable, strong tape; you do not want the contents of your box to be at risk of falling out.


You should use the label provided by the courier if applicable because they may refuse to take your package if you use a different one. This label will likely contain a bar code that helps to track the package in their system and ensures the safe delivery of your item.

You are responsible and have a role to play in ensuring that your package is delivered safely. Take heed and make sure you package your item correctly to help ensure that it can withstand its journey from start to end.