How to prepare your garden for a climbing frame

Purchasing a climbing frame for your garden is a big decision, and you will want to get it right.

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You need to get the site prepared correctly before you have excited children running around begging you to get the frame put up as quickly as possible.Taking a few hours to prepare your garden correctly will pay dividends once you begin to put the frame together.

Investing in play equipment for your garden

Children need lots of exercise. According to the NHS, children who are old enough to walk unaided should have 180 minutes (three hours) of physical activity every day. There is no doubt that children’s wooden climbing frames are a fun and exciting way to get the kids exercising, without them even realising it.

If children can exercise in your own garden, you can get on with other things whilst they burn off excess energy. It’s easy to source exciting play equipment, such as children’s wooden climbing frames, that kids can spend hours on.

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Preparing for the play equipment

It is important to get the site prepared before you erect any play equipment in your garden. This will prevent you having to make costly and time-consuming changes later on.

Before you buy anything, make sure that you have the space to install it. Carefully check the product details. This is especially important for swings, which need a large space to operate safely. Also think about how the delivery vehicle will access your street when your play equipment arrives.

You cannot simply place play equipment on any old patch of land. All garden debris needs to be cleared out of the way. You may need to remove or trim overhanging bushes or trees. Then the ground needs to be level to erect the equipment safely. You do not need to get out your spirit level, but large inclines have to be corrected.

The next job is to lay down a safety surface, such as rubber matting. Natural alternatives are mulch or bark and they look attractive too. You could erect the equipment on grass, but it is likely to get very muddy.

If you have a choice of sites, you may want to place it where you can keep an eye on the kids whilst you are inside the house.