How wood flooring can save you energy and money

Many people take the opportunity to switch to wood flooring when old carpets need to be replaced. Carpets may seem warmer and cheaper, but they’re also hard to clean, easily soiled, wear quickly, and are a nightmare for allergy sufferers.

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Wood flooring is the preferred choice for many of us, and is viewed as more stylish and can even increase the value of your house, according to experts.

But they can also save money and energy, benefiting us and the environment in many ways.

Moving heat

Carpet acts as an insulator, however wood acts as a conductor. Carpet blocks heat from shifting and moving, whereas wood absorbs the heat and allows circulation. People tend to have an inaccurate understanding that carpet holds the heat in, but in reality, it reduces energy flow into your home. This means the heater in your home must work harder to force heat through the carpet and warm the entire house. To really reap the benefits, have solid wood flooring installed by a professional company such as

Wood improves heat circulation by enabling heat to travel through it. In homes heated by radiant systems, wood conducts and allows heat to reach you easier while carpet would need increased heat settings to feel the same warmth in living areas and throughout your home.

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Long lasting heat

Wood flooring also preserves the heat for longer due to its increased thermal mass. Solid materials such as wood significantly lower your home’s fluctuation in temperatures due to their ability to store and absorb heat. Carpet fibres only create a barrier to heat. Concrete, tile, laminate and ceramic all act the same way. Installing materials that have an increased thermal mass into your home reduces utility bills as your home doesn’t work as long to maintain warmth during the night. Cooling systems such as air conditioning and fans also don’t need to work as hard to preserve cool temperatures in the heat of summer.

Saving money

The best and most efficient way to reduce your utility bill is to furnish your home with wood flooring and further insulate the exterior of your house by installing new energy saving and proper insulated walls, windows and roofing. Not only better for the environment, you will feel warmer, and your bills will be reduced.