Let an Employment Agency Help in Your Job Search

If you are looking for a job, your job search strategy should include employment agencies as well as networking and job boards. There are several reasons why you should consider a woman owned employment agency in Boston.

Access the Hidden Job Market

Many jobs are not advertised on online job boards. Recruiters at employment agencies have insights into companies in the area that are hiring, and may know about a new position before anyone else.

Gain an Advantage Over Other Candidates

If an employment agency refers you to a company to a position, that gives you a leg up on candidates who have come from generic job boards. Your employment agency has already done the initial screening when reviewing your resume and matching you to the position. Busy hiring managers are grateful for quality leads when they are facing hundreds of online applications from people who do not meet the minimum position requirements.

Build Skills and Try Out Companies

A job through an employment agency gives you a chance to build new skills and try out companies. While you may do your homework and ask questions during an interview process, there is nothing like actually working for a company to get an insider feel for its culture.

Temporary Opportunities Provide a Path Forward

Hiring criteria for temporary or contractual positions could be less stringent than for permanent positions. Therefore, a temporary position can help you get your foot in the door with a company. A company may offer you additional contracts or a permanent position once you have proven yourself. Even if you do not gain a permanent job, you still build valuable experience into your resume. You also gain contacts and expand your network. In addition, you reduce employment gaps on your resume.

The key to success in your job search could be a position through an employment agency that has contacts in your industry.