Memorialising a dead tree

Whether you’ve been caring for saplings from day one, or just getting acquainted with established trees, trees have a way to leave marks that make us respect them while they are still alive and really miss them once they leave.

It’s a sad thing, the fact that trees don’t live forever. However, when it’s time to part with a loved plant, you don’t have to say goodbye forever. Dead trees must naturally be removed from your garden for safety, but their legacy can live on.

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How you can remember a tree

From leaves to branches and trunks, each part of the tree can serve a unique purpose even after it is no longer alive.

Commemorate your precious tree by carving a place for it in your home or placing it in a suitable place in your yard to complement your fellow plants.

Here are six tree remembrance ideas:

Plant another tree as a tribute. Maybe you like your old tree because of its attractive autumn colours or blooming flowers. Whatever the case, bring life back by planting a new tree. If you follow this route, avoid planting trees in the same place as the tree that was removed or replanting the same species if growth conditions are not optimal.

Make the tree a comfortable cover for your other plants. Roll the parts of your old tree into pieces of wood to make natural mulch. Watching your plants bloom while they are covered with mulch blankets made by your old tree is a great way to make good use of your favourite old tree.

Bring it inside your home. What better way to remember a tree than to make it a unique addition to your home? There are many options here, such as using tree branches to hold lights, turning old branches into rustic handles, trimming stumps to make side tables or even using tree cuttings to make practical hangers.

Turn stumps into steppingstones. Cut large stumps or branches into circular steppingstones, and you’ll have mementos from your tree every time you take a step.

Carve messages into wood. Your family name, the names of your children or the name of your favourite tree, can be carved on old wooden planks of wood and displayed outside or inside your home.

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Does my tree really need to go, or can it be saved?

It’s not always easy to know whether a tree is dead or alive. If you are not sure about the status of your tree, a certified tree surgeon can help. For a Poole Tree Surgeon, visit

You can definitely save your tree pieces to turn into something special. But let the whole tree survive? That’s a risk you don’t have to take. A dead tree is very weak. They can collapse or lose limbs in a storm, putting you and your property in danger. In addition, if the cause of death has to do with insects or disease, the infection can spread to other plants if you leave the tree standing.