Repair Drains With Help From A Drain Lining Company

Drain lining is today’s necessity to all those involved with leaky or broken pipes. In a property it is one of the worst things that can happen but it is avoidable.  It’s a non-intrusive way of inserting a new flexible membrane into old pipes and then making a brand new pipe in its place. In some cases this is done as a last ditch effort to try and resolve a shortcoming of the existing pipe before completely replacing the section. If it’s an older home, it might be the only option.

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Regardless of why you need a drain lining company, there are a few steps you can take on your own that will help. For every square foot of pipe you have, consider what might be causing it to leak. It’s not practical to be able to deal with all of it.

If you are certain the problem is a simple blockage in the pipe, then simply apply some baking soda with drain cleaner or white vinegar. Rub the compound over the inside of the pipe, being careful to avoid touching any of the flanges or joints as you work. Leave the compound in place for three to five minutes and then clean out any residual residue using a rag. By applying a pipe-liner before repairing drains, you can ensure the integrity of the pipe-lining and save yourself a lot of trouble later on. In addition, the chemical reaction will also help seal up the joint allowing you to repair drains more effectively in the future. That’s ok for upper end pipes. Drain Lining from Wilkinson Environmental will be needed for parts further down.