Should you give a puppy for Christmas?

There isn’t much that’s cuter than a puppy. They are small, fluffy and bundles of fun. They make the best Christmas gift for a loved one, right? With Christmas almost upon us, if you’re considering a puppy as a gift, now is the time to ask yourself some serious questions. Do lots of research and show some caution as the Dogs Trust saw a 54% increase last Christmas in abandoned puppies.

Yes, a puppy gives you the immediate cute factor and will make a memorable gift to give this Christmas, however, people often don’t consider the realities of dog ownership. All the ‘ahh’ moments will fade away when you have to deal with pee on the lounge carpet and a night of whining. Dogs make amazing family pets, but you must know what you’re signing up for. They require a lot of dedication, investment, patience and possibly a change in your lifestyle.

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You also need to factor in the ongoing cost of owning a dog. They can prove very expensive and as many as 98% of dog owners underestimate the impact of cost.

You need to consider the cost of food, and it should be good quality dog food too. On top of that, there are vet bills to consider and insurance too. Even if you don’t get insurance to cover veterinary costs, you might want to consider third-party liability as you are held responsible in the eyes of the law for the actions of your dog.

If you ever want to go on holiday without your dog, you’ll also need to pay for boarding or pet-sitting services. Puppy training classes are also very important to properly socialise your dog from a young age. And then there’s the accessories and equipment. Most people want the best for their pooch, so check out Dog Collars and Leads from

One of the biggest impacts is the change to your daily routine and lifestyle that a dog brings with it. They need to be walked, exercised and this is every day in all weathers, not just when you feel like it.

You will need to consider the care of your dog when you are at work and possibly pay for dog-walking services while you’re away. You won’t be able to leave a dog for 7 or 8 a day without a break.

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Dogs also make mess, there’s no denying that. They can shed hair, they bring in mud, they jump in water and have even been known to roll in poop! This means time and effort in taking care of all your dog’s needs.

It’s not all negative. As long as you understand the commitment and responsibility, a dog can bring unbridled joy like no other pet.