Signs that your garage door needs replacing

Lots of people do not think about replacing their garage door, despite it often being an entry to their home.

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In reality, your garage door will need replacing after a certain number of years when it becomes worn and damaged. While it can be tempting to put off replacing your garage door, the alternative is that it could become stuck and you may be inconvenienced.

Let’s look at the signs that your garage door needs replacing.

The door does not sit evenly on the ground

If the door is uneven on the floor when it is shut, you may need to replace your garage door. This is because the space will allow wildlife, dirt and cold air to seep into your garage, making it cold and dirty. This can also affect the temperature of your home if it is attached.

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General wear

Over time, wear and tear can affect your garage. According to, the spring should be replaced if it is sagging when the garage door is open.

Many people put off replacing their garage door when it is worn as they think it still works well; however, the chances of a garage door malfunction are much more likely. This is not ideal if the malfunction happens on a day when you are very busy!

You hear more noise when the door closes

Most garage doors make a noise when they are closing, as the door is such a heavy, large object; however, if you notice that the sounds are louder than usual, this could mean the mechanisms are worn and need replacing. This is especially true if you hear creaking sounds while the door is opening and closing, which could mean that part of the mechanism is already broken.

The door has movement issues

When you close and open your garage door, the movement should be smooth and seamless; however, an older door may move in a jerky, slow way. If your garage door is having movement issues, it could mean that there is a broken mechanism inside the door. This means the door needs replacing immediately to prevent it collapsing or breaking while you are opening it.