Six tips for a great post-mix drink

Post mix is the system where the syrup concentrate of a soft drink is supplied to the retail outlet, usually in a disposable container. Before sale, the soft drink is then created by mixing water or soda water with the syrup and is then chilled before being dispensed from a soda fountain or soda gun.

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In order to make the soda water that is used to mix with the syrup, the post mix machine uses a food grade CO2 gas. This gas needs to be regulated to the specific pressure required by the individual machine, but most machines run at 80 psi or 550 kpa.

Post Mix Dispenser

The best way to achieve great tasting post mix drinks is to buy quality syrup. Coke is the market leader, closely followed by Schweppes and Pepsi, and as this recent article in The Sun shows, our love of these drinks is as strong as ever.

A post mix dispenser is the perfect device for food and entertainment outlets which sell large quantities of soft drinks. Post mix suppliers include companies such as


It is important to get the temperature of a post mix beverage exactly right, not only because customers prefer their drinks cold, but also because the drinks will stay fresher. If the temperature is above 4 degrees, the drink will go flat.

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Many believe that McDonald’s Coke is the best. However, Coke syrup is the same wherever it is from. The reason some people prefer the burger chain’s Coke is because of the water filtration system they use, which is a high quality reverse osmosis water filtration system. Although it makes the Coke taste great, it is also very expensive, which is why not all outlets use it.


As with pouring a pint of beer, there is a technique to pouring the perfect post mix drink. If the gun is 30cm or more above the glass, this can also result in the drink going flat. The correct technique is to tilt the glass and point the gun just inside letting the soda run down the inside until it fills.


Serving the drink in the right glass is not only better for the look of the drink, but also the quality. Residue from cleaning can affect the taste and quality of the drink.