Six Ways to Improve your Google Presence

One of the most commonly asked questions business owners have is how they can improve their position in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). So here are six simple and actionable strategies that will help you to improve your Google presence.

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Ensure Your Website Has a SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are responsible for encrypting information sent between a website and its users. Its importance has recently increased as Google has announced that websites with an SSL certificate will rank above websites that do not.

Create a Google Local Listing for Your Business

Also known as Google My Business, this feature allows you to control the listing that will appear whenever a user searches for your business or businesses like yours on Google Maps or in Google Search.

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Improve Your Page Speed

Internet users want access to information as quickly and as efficiently as possible, especially when they are browsing on a mobile device. As even just a few extra seconds of loading time will drive users away, improving your page speed will help you to provide a more positive user experience for your audience.

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Implement a Solid Link Strategy

Building your backlink profile, which will ideally consist of links to your site from other authoritative websites within your niche, is an important ranking factor. Using this opportunity to also build mutually valuable relationships with other webmasters and business owners in your field will have long-term benefits.

Refine Your Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are short 155-character summaries displayed with SERPs that provide users with some additional detail and context of what a web page is about. They are an important component of on-site SEO, and as searchers will use the information provided to decide whether they will benefit from the content they will be presented with, they can have a large impact on your website’s overall click-through rate (CTR).

Invest in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC adverts are placed above organic listings at the top of SERPs. With this form of advertising you will both secure a prominent position and only be required to pay when someone clicks on your advert.