Some ways to make creative engagement announcements

Telling the world that you are getting married is one of the most exciting things you will ever do, so you must ensure you do it right. Read on for some fabulous ideas for shouting your big news from the rooftops.

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Shoot your First Blockbuster

Film a short video and distribute it on social media. In fact, for those doing the proposing, you could even film that event and then send it out immediately after your significant other says yes. If a video seems a little long-winded for you, just make a GIF of the ring going on.


Make sure you choose the right location to do the shoot which is suited to you.  You could go with a theme that you and your partner both enjoy for example racing cars. As this is a huge day why not go all out and choose a special holiday location like Kas Villa Rental from companies such as and really savour the moment in some beautiful surroundings.

Go Viral with Photo Evidence

An engagement photo is a fairly traditional way of telling the world you are getting married, although traditionally it would have come as a save-the-date flyer. These days, people find out much earlier thanks to the instantaneous nature of social media.

Don’t waste this opportunity with a smartphone selfie, however. Before you tell anyone, hire a professional, whether it’s a wedding photographer or a photo specialist. Once you have your splendid pic, get it going viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Other traditional options include newspaper announcements a la Tom Daley and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Surprise Engagement Party

Organise an ad-hoc drinks night and make your announcement there. This option runs the risk of having a poor turnout, but if you hold it on a Friday or Saturday night, you’re bound to be able to gather most of your nearest and dearest. If you get engaged close to one of your birthdays, it is even easier. Organise birthday drinks in advance and then make it a double celebration by announcing your nuptials on the night. One huge benefit of this option is that it still leaves you free to do the viral photo or video option for the eyes of all those who didn’t attend.

However you do it, make it big. Social media has changed the way couples announce engagements these days and there’s so much room for creativity and originality, so you can make it a truly special announcement. Whether you do it face-to-face or via new web-based technology, just make sure you send that message nice and loud.