The Chief Psychiatrist of Seattle’s Radio Waves

One of the most successful spin off shows ever created is the brilliant Frasier. Played by Kelsey Grammer for 20 years (a record for American Television) the show is a sit com which fuses perfectly witty banter and physical comedy it is a highly decorated show. Taking one of the principle characters from Cheers Psychiatrist Frasier Crane after a messy divorce in the town of Boston the character decides to return to his native Seattle and start a new life on a radio call in show. He has moved into a fantastic apartment that a Property Management Cheltenham company like would be proud to manage and is ready to begin a again. His plans are thrown into utter confusion when he has to take in his Father.

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His Dad Martin is completely different from Frasier being an ex-cop who has had to retire following a bullet to his hip. To further complicate matters Martins dog Eddie is coming too and he has a tendency to stare intently at Frasier whenever he is in the room. Add to that Frasier’s brother Niles, a fellow Psychiatrist who looks down on Frasier’s new job and the “a little bit Psychic” Daphne Moon Martins British Physiotherapist and home help and you have the ingredients for a perfect comedy.

Frasier is an early middle age man who has suddenly found that the life he had planned out for himself has been taken away. He is trying to make the best of it but the added complications of his Father and carer moving in are a privation too far. His brother Niles soon becomes infatuated with Daphne and the focus of the show actually starts to move away from the relationship building between Father and oldest son to the Brother and Brother Relationship and the undisclosed, but barely hidden love that Niles holds for Daphne.

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When he finally admits to being madly in love with her (on the eve of her wedding) he thinks the chance is gone. In one of the shows greatest scenes he sits disconsolate in Martins Winnebago unable to watch the ceremony and cursing the missed chances he has had the door opens to find Daphne in full wedding gear confess that she loves him too.  It’s a credit to Kelsey Grammer as the stars show that he is more than happy to allow this plot development, which is taking the focus of him for the good of the production. Jane Leeves and David Hyde Pierce play the roles to perfection so much so that an episode barely featuring Frasier focusing on the Daphne and Niles saga as they embark on ballroom dancing wins the best ever made on a regular basis.

Get the box set and enjoy.