The Pros and Cons of Countryside Living

If being in lockdown has made you assess your life and think about where you live, you are far from the only one! The property market has boomed over the past year with people moving house and particularly looking for a place to live away from the bright lights of the city. Rural estate agents like Stroud estate agents TGRES have had a lot of interest from people currently living in the city looking for a countryside property to start a new life in.

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If this sounds like you and you are thinking of moving out of the city, then here are some of the pros and cons of country living to mull over before you make the leap…

Quiet Surroundings – This is an appeal for many people who want a bit of peace and quiet. However, if you have lived in the city for a long time, it may be something that you miss, so do think about whether you like the sounds of the city or are happy to live in the comparative silence of the countryside.

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Transport – One of the reasons why the countryside is so quiet is of course because there isn’t as much transport such as roads and railways everywhere. Of course, this means less noise and lower pollution levels, but if you rely on public transport or need to travel regularly this can be a problem.

The Pace of Life – Out in the countryside you will notice a huge difference to the pace of life – the busy and fast paced lifestyle of the city is very different. If this is something that you might struggle to get used to, countryside living is definitely not for you!