The traits that every racing car driver possesses

Racing car drivers may seem to have a very glamorous life, but they actually work incredibly hard and have nerves of steel. They spend hours honing their skills and often make huge sacrifices to compete in races around the globe.

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To get an idea as to what traits a racing car driver needs to be successful, we have rounded up those that are key:

Passion and perseverance

You won’t get far in the racing world if you don’t have fire in your belly and an iron will to succeed. You must be prepared to persevere, even if failure is rife. Sometimes it takes years for driver to enjoy even a modicum of success, so racing needs to be a passion in addition to a thing of pride. Many say this is a trait that drivers are born with and the drive to succeed is something that can’t be learnt. A passion for racing must be in the blood and the driver must be happy to eat, sleep and dream about racing every day.

Fearless and feisty

Racing drivers need to have nerves of steel and must not be afraid to take risks or chances in the pursuit of success. If they want to enjoy all the pleasures of somewhere such as Ermanno Palace and its hospitality suite, which can be experienced through sporting event companies such as, they must take chances to rise to the top. Playing it safe won’t see racing car drivers rise to the top, so they need to know when to take that extra leap of faith.

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A great attitude

Training to be a racing car driver takes years. When you look at Lewis Hamilton’s training regime, you can understand why it is an all-in commitment. A great attitude will get a driver through the toughest days, whether in the gym or on the track, and will help to keep them healthy and in top form.

This is not to say that a little cockiness won’t go amiss, but the good kind rather than the over-the-top bravado that is driven by a big ego and limited skills. Positivity and good sportsmanship also go hand in hand, with good racing car drivers always recognising when the competition has gone well and looking up to the legends in the sport.