These Google Analytics strategies will help you measure your SEO

Being able to measure the effectiveness of your SEO is vital for any business. After all, if you can’t measure what you’re doing, how will you know if you’re on the right track, and how can you make improvements? Using Google Analytics lets you measure your SEO in various ways so you get a complete picture of how your website is performing.

These Google Analytics strategies will help you measure your SEO

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Viewing only organic search traffic

You can use Google Analytics to view your search traffic, particularly if you want to look at how your organic search has been faring over time. To view your organic search traffic, you need to open the channel grouping report, where you’ll see the various traffic sources that have been segmented by channels. Take a look at the organic search channel to scrutinise your organic-only traffic.

Identifying slow-loading pages

Google Analytics is a great way to discover which pages of your website are responsible for dragging your speed times down. According to Kissmetrics, slow loading pages affect the user experience, and page speed is a major factor in search rankings. By bringing up a page timings report, you can measure load times by page and see which ones are guilty of sluggishness or impacting conversion figures.

Measuring traffic quality

The quality of your traffic is more important than the quantity, and you can see the value of visits to your site by creating an assisted conversions report on Google Analytics. Quality is related to conversion levels, so any changes in these will determine the value of your traffic.

These Google Analytics strategies will help you measure your SEO2

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Creating an SEO dashboard

Google Analytics lets you create your own dashboard to represent different aspects of your SEO data in a single view. This makes it easy to print, share or access. If you need help creating this, seek expert SEO assistance from firms such as, who offer SEO in Dublin and elsewhere.

Giving organic traffic a monetary value

A good way to get a view of how your organic traffic is performing is by giving it a monetary value so you can see how much it is worth. You can achieve this using Google Analytics, but you will also need access to Google AdWords. Giving a monetary value to organic traffic involves comparing the cost of keywords used if they were bought in a Google AdWords campaign.