Throughout the ages in Greece

Greece is now a thriving modern developed economic country much like the UK. It is a part of the European Union being its tenth member to join. It’s become a centre for tourism and a place that people who are looking to leave the UK  think of first. A Move to Greece can easily be a reality with someone like, to guide you through the process. Greece was not always this way.

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Ancient Greece starts with the discovery and working of Bronze. This is about 3000 BC, As Stonehenge was being built the Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations were dominant. However by 1200 BC many of these civilizations were torn down by external and internal strife. Greece fell behind in its development until the fruitful Archaic period of 800 to 400 BC. From the ashes of the Empires grew the Polis or city states. This was the birth of Sparta, Corinth and Athens. Here the development of Law philosophy began to thrive.

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This reached its peak with the Classical period of 480 BC to 323 BC.  Forced to unite against the threat of the Persian empire expansion, Athens grew to be the dominant Polis and the capital that it remains today.

Next came the Hellenistic Period. Starting in 323 BC to 31 BC. This was the age of Alexander the Great who brought the influence of Greece the whole of the Mediterranean and even into Asia reaching India.