Tips for decorating your hair salon

By its very nature, the hair and beauty sector is all about looking good and this applies to your salon too. You want your business to reflect your personality and what you’re all about. It’s all about style, so here are some handy do’s and don’ts:

Do: Think of your clients

You should have an image of your ideal customer from which you can plan prices and services that will attract them. The same concept applies to design choices. If you’re seeking the top end of the market, consider marble counters and chandeliers, for example. Choose the most luxurious furniture for your waiting area too, like the Florence Knoll Sofa. You can get your hands on a replica of the iconic Florence Knoll Sofa from Pash Classics. Are you seeking health and well-being clients? In which case, think tranquillity and water features.

Do: Choose a theme

Choose a theme and matching furniture that speaks to the type of clients you’re looking to attract. Your location might affect your choices. A city salon for trendy professionals will require a different aesthetic to a rural salon with older customers. Some popular theme ideas include bold colours offset with white, oriental, traditional, upmarket, ultra-modern and dramatic/romantic.

Do: Be Creative

This is an industry based on expression so it’s good to be creative. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your creative side. There are endless ways in which you repurpose old styling tools into an arty display. With a bit of TLC, these old pieces of equipment can wow customers and be an interesting talking point.

Do: Think about all spaces

Don’t overlook any space that your customer might see. Every single space on view is a reflection of your business and as such, requires careful consideration. You can have the most beautiful cutting space in the world but if behind the till or the coffee-making area is neglected, you’ll let yourself down. Every single space should be consistent with any theme and elegant.

This includes outdoor spaces too. Don’t overlook any signage or neglect to maintain your window displays. Signs and windows are important ways to get noticed, talked about and ultimately, attract people inside your business.

Don’t: Leave clutter lying around

Clutter shows a business that is disorganised, unprofessional and even considered to be lazy. Don’t let people say this about your business. Remove any dead plants immediately, throw away those magazines that are several years old and leave the unnecessary ornaments at home. Less is more.

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Don’t: Leave outdated décor

A chic Fifties themed salon will look amazing but only if it’s intentional! If you don’t want your salon to age too quickly, it’s best to stick with modern styles and avoid anything antique, vintage or retro unless it’s part of a well-designed theme.

Don’t: Be afraid to include some art

OK, so not many of us have the budget for a Monet or Picasso but art can mean many things. Whatever your preference, don’t be afraid to consider posters, prints, tasteful decals or murals to adorn your walls. They can be a great and inexpensive way to add a touch of character and ambience to your salon.