Transformations are beautiful

Easily the ugliest looking grubs in the world are caterpillars. They just move around no Skeleton or anything just munching on leaves or, if the Hungry Caterpillar is to be believed, Ice creams and chocolate cake. What’s worse than finding a caterpillar in you apple? Finding half of one. Much better to concentrate on caterpillar tracks like the type you would find on a Tank including the ones that fought in the war. . A tanks tracks are named after the caterpillar due to its ability to get pretty much anywhere and over any surface. Tanks were made from solid materials like metals that would of needed some form of Electric Press Brakes or manual ones at least which can now be sourced from links like  They are transformed bit by bit.  Lets look at these horrid pests ignoring the elephant in the room as to what they turn into.

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It’s not the Butterflies fault, ok I mentioned the elephant in the room but it’s true. This stage, the caterpillar stage, is the larvae part of the process of making a butterfly. Even that sounds disgusting doesn’t it? Larvae. They are generally plant eaters, and then some if you look in your garden. Herbivorous indeed, they don’t seem to have a limit. That’s not totally true, some love to eat wool and, and this really shows how unpleasant they are also eat other so you can add cannibalism to the list as well.

Like the Hungry caterpillar they do not have an off switch when it comes to food and they are considered to be one of the most serious issues when it comes to garden pest control. Do they do any good at all? Yes they can be a producer of silk and will provide food for animals and some humans though why they would want to eat one I’ve no idea. There is one thing that they do. They eat pest plants. The only trouble is they eat everything good as well so they don’t care.

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I suppose in a certain light they are colourful but then the reason they do that is try and keep us and other predators away from them. Many of them have spiky hairy defences that excrete poison. Luckily nothing that can harm a Human but there are some varieties that will give you a nasty rash.  Some are able to whip out tendrils or even their organs to shoot their acidic stomach juices at the attacker. Any predator attacking the caterpillar will soon learn that they have made a bad mistake and will not do that again.

To be fair they are eating, and eating, and eating to fuel a massive change in their body which represents the most amazing change. They need that fuel to build the cocoon that will support then whilst the most amazing transformation occurs. Ok, then maybe they are a pain but at least the end result is beautiful. I suppose I could cut them some slack.