US museum sends fine art by text

If you want to elevate the visual inspiration in your life, but don’t have the time to visit a gallery full of masterpieces, then you will approve of a new feature being offered by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The gallery can send you some art when you want it, by subscribing to the museum’s texting service, which will send users a work of art in a text message.

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Art lovers who want to take advantage of this service, which is called Send Me SFMOMA, need to message the museum via a particular number. The message must say “send me”, which is then followed by a colour, an emoji or a keyword. Within moments, the SFMOMA will reply with a relevant piece of art.

This is good for the gallery as SFMOMA says that its collection has grown so large that only five percent of it can be on view at any one time. Much of the work in storage is not seen nearly often enough by the public and the texts mean that more art can be seen by more people. Research has also indicated that the average visitor to a gallery spends about seven seconds contemplating most works of art, so art in text messages gives people not just a different way to experience the work, but the opportunity to examine it in more detail.

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Sharing creativity

America has many outstanding art collections that are definitely worth exploring, especially in New York City. Some of the must-visit galleries and museums are listed in this report from The Telegraph.

Unfortunately, the SFMOMA service is only available in the US, but it is a concept that British museums could try. Another way of enjoying superb art is to get a favourite work reproduced with sophisticated fine art Giclee printing. If you are interested in finding out more about the possibilities of fine art Giclee printing it would be a good idea to consult experts in this field, such as who could give you help and advice.

Art can be enjoyed by everyone. In the UK, attendances at museums and galleries are buoyant and British audiences obviously enjoy having more art in their lives. Thanks to technology and advanced printing techniques, they can have more art at home too.