What is the nation’s favourite food?

When people think of the UK and food, they tend to picture seaside fish ‘n’ chips or a traditional Sunday roast. While these still remain incredibly popular, our tastes have been changing over the last few decades. Figures released from fast food delivery services have revealed our favourite ‘go to’ cuisine when we don’t feel like cooking:

#1 Burgers

One of the most popular choices is the good ole American style burger. It seems we can’t get enough of the combination of juicy beef topped with any number of ingredients, including cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon. Double burgers, spicy burgers and chicken burgers are all some of our favourite choices when it comes to fast food and dining out.

#2 Chinese

Chinese food also scores highly in the most popular cuisines of the nation. Stir fries, chop suey, spring rolls and prawn crackers do it for us Brits. Whether you opt for a rice or noodle dish, each dish can come with a variety of meats or vegetarian. You’ll find many Chinese restaurants in every town and city across the nation and whether you’re a master with chopsticks or you eat with a knife and fork, it still tastes great!

#3 Italian

It seems we can’t get enough of Italian either. Pasta can be enjoyed in many varieties and of course, who doesn’t love pizza? Delivered or eaten in a restaurant, pizza is the feel-good food for any night of the week or perfect to share with friends and family. The simplicity and tastiness must be the appeal, along with the fact that it comes in so many different varieties so there’s one to suit every taste. For Italian Restaurants In Dublin, visit http://www.toscanarestaurant.ie/

#4 Indian

Curry is a much-loved dish that at one point, surpassed fish and chips as the nation’s favourite takeaway food. Chicken Tikka Masala cannot actually be found in India and is a dish especially adapted to suit the British palate. Just enough spice to warm us up but not enough to burn our heads off! Paired with poppadoms or naan bread, we have taken the curry very much to our hearts.

#5 Mexican

Growing in popularity is Mexican food. Whilst there aren’t many takeaways where you can order a fiery Central American feast, there are several restaurant chains that have become a common sight in our towns and cities. Nachos, burritos, fajitas and tacos are all exciting and spicy choices for livening up our meal times. The contrast in tastes is what tantalizes the taste buds, the cool soured cream offsetting the hot, fiery salsa.

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#6 Fish ‘n’ Chips

Sticking to tradition, the chip shop is still going strong and offers a convenient, quick-fix dinner option for many families on a busy schedule. Battered fish, pickled eggs, salty chips, pies and mushy peas have long been the main attraction on the chip shop menu. Hailing from our seaside towns and villages, the catch of the day and fried potatoes has filled many a belly and will continue to do so, up and down the land.