Why do we love Aran Sweaters so much

Aran sweaters have been around for years and years and they were first created on the Isles of Aran off the coast of Ireland. These islands were inhabited by fishing communities and they used the sweaters as a way of keeping their fishermen warm during their fishing trips. It was also a way of identifying the fishermen and the stitches that were used were often dedicated to a family or clan and would be passed down the generations. It very much became a part of their cultural history, much like people might pass down important pieces of jewellery to their children and grandchildren.

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There are many benefits to wearing aran sweaters and here are some of the reasons they were so popular and why Aran Sweaters are still popular clothing choices today.

It is water repellent, thereby keeping the wearer dry, not allowing the rain to reach the wear in the first instance. Prior to feeling wet against the body, an Aran sweater will absorb 30 percent of its weight in water.

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The natural wool fibre used in the sweaters is breathable, absorbing and releasing water vapour from the skin into the air, allowing the body to maintain an optimal temperature.

The wearer was kept warm by an Aran sweater during the cold days and nights at sea or on the farm. Due to the high amount of air in it, wool has an excellent insulating ability, and this helps protect the wearer from extreme cold and heat.