Why Theresa May will not be taking part in pre-election TV debates

Following the Prime Minister’s recent unexpected announcement that she would be calling for a snap general election in June, she has surprised the nation once more by announcing that she will not be taking part in the traditional pre-election televised debates between the parties.

Why Theresa May will not be taking part in pre-election TV debates

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Are the TV debates really that important?

As the subject of some debate following former Prime Minister David Cameron’s hesitancy to participate in TV debates, It became apparent that the political leaders’ debates were a key part of the last two general elections in 2010 and 2015. Millions tuned in across the country to watch what each representative had to say about their party policies. When analysing their effect on the outcome of the election, research found that over a third of voters were influenced by the televised broadcasts, particularly those who were first-time voters choosing which party to put their faith in.

With this in mind, May’s decision to forego the debates may prove disastrous for her performance in the next election should she fail to compensate for the lost publicity and platform through which to communicate with potential voters around the UK. Why has she made the risky decision to abstain from such an important publicity boost?

Refusal to participate

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Prime Minister of turning down the TV debate in an attempt to “dodge” a head-to-head debate that could see her heavily criticised by her opposition. He’s not the only one perplexed by her actions, with the Liberal Democrat party calling for the broadcasters to “empty-chair” the Prime Minister to further highlight her absence from the debate.

Why Theresa May will not be taking part in pre-election TV debates2

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Defending her choices, the Prime Minister has stated she would prefer to get out and about and meet her voters in person rather than spending time preparing for and attending the popular TV debates. Given the fast-paced nature of the snap election, time is crucial to the party leaders and this could well be a smart move on May’s behalf.

Watching the debates

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