Why try wine online?

Have you ever bought wine online? What are the benefits to buying wine online? There are many reasons in favour of purchasing your wine in this way. Some people feel restricted by the lack of choice on offer at their local supermarket or convenience store. These bottles tend to be marked up in convenience stores as well so you’ll be paying more for the lack of choice!

Why try wine online

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You can also get many great deals online, so buying in bulk will actually result in a saving. Many supermarkets offer their best wines and their best offers on their websites. Quite often, there will be twice the amount available compared to what’s in store.

Logistically, it’s difficult to get thousands of bottles of wines into all the stores up and down the country but much quicker to get the wine on the website and dispatched from a central warehouse. Small amounts of interesting new wine can also be found on offer on websites.

Most supermarkets now have separate websites for their wine selections so it’s clear that the big retailers are taking this very seriously indeed. Other people enjoy online wine shopping due the chance to escape the big retailers and try a new experience. People want a connection, a story and a chance to make new discoveries. They want to buy the wine they want and then have it delivered with ease and convenience. For Online wine merchants in Northern Ireland, visit http://thewinecompanyni.com/.

Why try wine online2

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One online trend which is becoming more popular is for producers to sell direct to customers. This appeals to the current consumer desire to feel involved, something that has been cleverly commercialised. Buying wine online can feel interactive and involved. You can join a community and become a part of funding independent winemakers, voting on which wines should be sold, spending vouchers from partners and earning wholesale prices. These ”marketplace” schemes, where a pallet of a producer’s wine is bought only if enough people pile in has been copied and tweaked by a leading supermarket chain which now runs ”co-buys”, where finite parcels of wine put up for sale with the price going down as more people join in.

Feeling part of a community is very appealing to online shoppers. Many people become aware of online shopping for wine via friends or family. By going to a friend’s house for dinner and tasting a really great wine, shoppers want to know how and where they can get their hands on some too. Buying wine online is so quick and easy, too. You can do it in the middle of the night, from the train or bus, the office or anywhere really! The other benefit is that you won’t have to carry it all to the car, or home on the bus afterwards as it’s delivered straight to your door for you.