Setting Up The Network Of Contacts Implies Not Excluding Any Person

Setting Up The Network Of Contacts Implies Not Excluding Any Person

Setting Up The Network

Setting Up The Network? Restricting a network of contacts only to work colleagues could exclude 75% of the people you know and pass up good job opportunities. Each network will potentially link the professional with another network of untapped contacts, that is why the formation of a network of work must be taken seriously, without discarding anyone, because the friend of that friend can meet the manager of the company where you want to work

Setting up the network of contacts implies not excluding any person

Most individuals usually place people they know in categories, namely, work, family, and friends and so on. But the fact that only some fall into the professional category, does not mean that they are the only ones that qualify to be in a network of work. Since every person who lands on any of the lists is possible contacts that can help get a job.

Setting Up The Network Of Contacts Implies Not Excluding Any PersonLinking people

Miriam Salpeter, social media strategist and author of Social Networks for Career Success, agrees that everyone who interacts regularly to be part of a work network should be considered. “Do not forget,” says Salperter, “that each network will potentially link you to another untapped network of contacts.” Therefore, if only colleagues from previous and current jobs are kept in mind, valuable opportunities could be missed.with people who met at professional events and clients with whom business was made, closing the door to all possibilities, without even knowing it. It is necessary to take into account how large the work network would be, if it were placed on all those it knows in a list. “If a list of contacts is restricted only to those known at work, 75% of people would be excluded,” information that is part of the Forbes article entitled “This Is the Easiest Way to Expand Your Job Search Network Instantly.”

Setting Up The Network Of Contacts Implies Not Excluding Any PersonWeaving networks

When the professional works in the formation of a network of contacts, he should consider anyone who can bring him job opportunities, “explains Christina Comaford, leadership coach and author of SmartTribes: how teams become brilliant together (SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together). And when someone is found, the individual must ask, can you do something for me? Those who can provide immediate assistance will get a Yes, and those who cannot, will be discarded with a resounding No.

Setting Up The Network Of Contacts Implies Not Excluding Any PersonThe next time a person knows someone, they should analyze if that person could be part of their network of work contacts. All people are multifaceted, because they are not only defined by the work they do but by the other people they can meet. A contact network is not only formed by people who are related to the profession of the individual, also fit those who are part of the day to day or friends of friends.

It is important to remember that at some point in life, someone may require your professional services, but if you do not have that person among the contacts, that chance will never come. Therefore, discarding people from a network of contacts is one of the most common mistakes that professionals can make.

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