How To Wear Long Dresses?

How To Wear Long Dresses

The key piece for spring and summer is definitely the dress for comfort, freshness and even flirtation, a few days ago we share the trends in dresses of the season , today I want to share some tips on how you can use a long dress or maxi for any occasion, really this type of dress is not exclusive formal evening party as many believe, especially thanks to the number of options that can already be found everywhere, the trick is to think about the details.

Dress casual long dress

To achieve a look casual is important that the accessories you use with your maxi dress are casual themselves, this example of Miranda Kerr is infallible, a light jacket denim sleeves rolled up bag backpack type and sandals floor, the dress is neutral and simple It serves as the basis for the colors and textures of accessories.How To Wear Long Dresses

Formal long dress with casual accessories

If you want to give use this formal long dress or semiformal you wore at a party and do not know how I voltmeter put can put into practice the point previous to the opposite direction, use very neutral and simple props, let your dress shine by yourself, take your relaxed hair and your natural makeup.

Long Beach Dress

Long dresses are great for bringing up swimwear, opt for a bright color or a tribal pattern, you can take the jewelry to a minimum and give more attitude to your outfit with a straw hat or Panama.

Long dress in the city

For your earrings or errands everyday can be very comfortable to wear a long dress, look for one that is cloth fresh but has something special, like a detail in the neck, waist, some embroidery or single ended to make it interesting you can wear wedges or sandals depending on your needs, pick up your hair in a bun so you do not get in the way and use your day bag hanging half arm looks very chic .

How To Wear Long Dresses
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long dress with tennis

If you are looking for comfort and a super casual look this is the option for you, some believe that Converse go with everything and the truth that sometimes have come to use clothes that I did not think that would be good, give them an opportunity to a maxi dress shirt fabric, your favorite lenses and 1 or 2 accessories to keep your look relaxed.