Starting a Riding Stable? Here are 3 Things You Need

Horseback riding is a popular activity enjoyed by individuals of all ages. No matter what the reason for wanting to learn, the sport offers several benefits. If you have space and the experience, you may have considered starting a professional riding stable. Before you do, here are three things you’ll need.


Perhaps you already have a stable on your property with the space to set up different areas to practice. If not, you’ll need to look for a place where you can offer riding lessons. You can search around for properties that already have what you need. Or, you can purchase a tract of land and build the stables and arenas. Whether you buy or build, make sure that you look into local laws, including business licensing requirements and zoning laws.

Experienced Staff

Even if you plan to be active in training your clients and providing care for horses, you will still need to have additional staff to help. Additional riding instructors can help to ensure that your clients get the personalized attention they need. Depending upon your experience, you may also want to consider hiring a stable manager.


When starting a riding stable, ranch insurance is a must. Insurance protects more than just your property. It also serves to protect you, your horses, and anyone who comes to you for lessons. Accidents and issues happen. A fence may get broken. A rider might fall off from a horse and get injured. One of your horses gets loose and either gets hurt or causes damage to a neighboring property. A good insurance policy is designed to protect you financially should something occur.

Starting a riding stable can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll get to spend time with horses and meet many interesting people. You’ll also make money in the process.

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