Accessories For Samsung Smart TV, Squeeze Your TV

Accessories For Samsung Smart TV, Squeeze Your TV

If you have a Smart TV from Samsung and you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to buy some extra accessories. As we discussed in a previous entry dealing with accessories for Smart TV LG, the experience of using a Smart TV with the conventional remote is pretty bad, in case it is 3D you probably need to buy extra glasses, or a keyboard … In this entry we will show you the available range of accessories for Samsung Smart TV.

Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung has been using the same WiFi adapter for more than four years, being compatible with most models with internet connection that lack WiFi. The WiFi TV adapter for Samsung TV is essential for cases where the TV only has a network connection and the router is too far away to pull a cable. Logically, a Smart TV without an internet connection is not a Smart TV.

The price of this adapter is 40-50 €, in Amazon you can find it by clicking here.

Accessories For Samsung Smart TV, Squeeze Your TVRemote control with pointer and voice control

The conventional control has become blah and use it to navigate is a punishment, reason why Samsung usually includes in its televisions Smart TV of mid-high range a second command with sensors of movement. These sensors act as an Air Mouse or pointer with which you can play, navigate through the menus and navigate more comfortably. Of course, this remote is not compatible with all Samsung TVs; you should make sure before buying.

If your TV is compatible or simply your dog has eaten the remote that came with your TV, you can buy a new one on Aliexpress for a good price.

Accessories For Samsung Smart TV, Squeeze Your TVSamsung Smart Tv 3d Glasses

The 3D glasses used by Samsung are active glasses, this means that the glasses are connected to the television through Bluetooth technology and the models must be Samsung brand (or compatible replicas). Currently there are models that include 2 or more glasses but there are also models that do not include any unit. In case you are several at home or soles have guests at home, you will need to purchase some units separately.

Accessories For Samsung Smart TV, Squeeze Your TVThe difference between the SSG-P51002 and SSG-P5100GB models is that in the case of the SSG-P51002 it is a pack of 2 units that usually comes out somewhat cheaper and the model SSG-P5100GB is a loose unit that only contains a few glasses, but both are exactly the same.

If you are interested in the pack of 2 glasses SSG-P51002 you can find it on and if you are interested in buying some unit loose the price of model SSG-P5100GB. There are also replicas on Chinese websites like Aliexpress, where you can find loose units of 3D glasses compatible with Samsung for about € 10.

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Perhaps the Samsung TV accessory is more useful, since making video calls is the order of the day and being able to do it through the TV without having to move from the sofa is a joy. The shortage of alternatives will force you to buy this camera if you want to make use of applications like Skype or handle the Samsung TV with motion control.

Accessories For Samsung Smart TV, Squeeze Your TVThe majority of users who use it expose that it is worth paying the price of this accessory taking into account the quality and ease of use. If you use the VG-STC3000 for Samsung Smart TV, you only have to turn on the TV to receive a Skype call if you have already logged in, without having to open the application or log in whenever you want to use it. This is something highly valued by users who want to make video calls with people who have little technological knowledge, as usually happens with our parents.

Accessories For Samsung Smart TV, Squeeze Your TVWith the camera for Samsung TV you can move through the menus with its motion detection, change channels, turn up or down the volume and when you use Skype will track facial , so that the zoom is positioned trying to encompass all people there In front of the TV and make close-ups if only one of them is talking . The definition of the image and the quality of the microphone are more than good, it is also defended in low light conditions. The technical data to highlight are its resolution HD at 30 fps and image capture at 5MP. The connection used for the TV is USB plug and play.