If you have no ideas, here are some ways to design a website

The number one recommendation is to improve the ideas of others implemented on top sites. Design ideas also become outdated quickly. Good design ideas should therefore be yours.

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This does not imply that you should ignore usability principles and reinvent the wheel when designing a site. To do their best, every web designer follows the latest trends. It is not necessary that a site be unique. However, it should be memorable. For advice from a Web designer Exeter, visit https://exeter.nettl.com/digital/website-design/

Each design contains many details, including pictures, fonts, lines, and texts. This gives the user a full picture of the company or product.

This is great news. You can now see the interaction of different elements and get inspiration from a variety of sources. You will get more ideas the more you look at examples.

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A detailed brief from the client is a great idea so a designer doesn’t have to guess what elements are needed. The designer would have to “interview” the client first, and then develop the plan. This can be a major stumbling block.

Where to find web design inspiration?

  • Search for website design ideas within the portfolios and communities of well-known designers;
  • Browse the competition sites allows you to get an overall impression of traditional website designs for a particular field (layouts and colour palettes, images and typography), as well as find eye-catching elements for new websites.
  • Look for examples of the best website designs elsewhere, such as in photo stock;
  • Read more blogs and resources – Use the best examples when writing.