Microsoft Launches Mobile Application Suite For Android And Ios

The company of Redmond has published an interesting suite of applications mainly oriented to the health and fitness, but without leaving behind other subjects like time, sports, news, etc.

The pack of applications that have been published in both Google Play and the App Store is Microsoft’s MSN, something that can be found via the web from the company’s home page.

We are talking about MSN Health, Money, Wellness, News, Gourmet and Sports. It is a complete suite that has been launched in the mobile application stores of both platforms, with the only difference that Android users can download the application of the time right now.

Msn for iOS

The interesting thing about the complete package of applications is that they are lightweight, its design is very clean but keeping the style of the applications that came to Windows 8 and the same look  of the platform.

The company has assured that the Weather option within the MSN suite will arrive very soon to iOS . To make matters worse, the applications also work on devices of the Amazon Company that run under Android.

All new applications can be synchronized between multiple platforms which make it easy to use for users who can use different operating systems and always have access to the same information.

The suite was available only for Windows Phone so now is the time to try them for free by entering the store of your terminal.

If you go to Google Play you must download the applications one by one and you can also enter from this link to the applications section of the company in the App Store.

Microsoft could also take its search engine to the iOS platform officially once the deal with Google expires next year as apparently those of Cupertino are doing a cleaning of Google in its terminals.

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