Mobile Phone Culture

One of the greatest technological revolutions of this century has to be the mobile phone – or more specifically, the smartphone. Mobile phones are actually an idea that goes back to the very early part of the 20th Century, when the first portable telephone was patented in Kentucky, but it was not until the middle of the 1980s that we started to see mobile phones being used. At this time, they were mainly used by the business people and city workers and seemed to have a sense of high flying status with them – part of the yuppie culture of the time!

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Towards the mid and late 90s, they started to become something which the general public would own – a useful thing to have if your car broke down whilst you were out and needed to call the emergency services for example, or if you were running late and needed to contact work.

Teens everywhere also embraced mobile phones and with it the ability to send text messages – for a fee of 5p or 10p, you could send a brief message to someone. As teenagers started to embrace the new invention, newer phone models were created to appeal to this generation and games such as the famous Snake were born, as well as the ability to have a personalised ringtone.

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Of course since those halcyon days, phones have gone on to become a much bigger part of all our lives – shops like Vodafone Longford are in most high streets now, to provide people with the newest models and we use our phones to do so much nowadays – from listening to music to ordering a takeaway!