New Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

New Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

Interesting gadgets that can make life easier in a foreign country. In the list there are no banal adapters, Swiss knives, and portable chargers – you know about them yourself.

Read about the newest, just released on the market, high-tech devices and order them first!

1. Pillow for an airplane with massage functionNew Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

Pillow VascoPillow only looks like a regular inflatable from a supermarket – an inside is a high-tech gadget. It is made of a foam hypoallergenic material with a memory effect. The pillow adapts to the anatomical features of the body and supports the neck in the correct position. VascoPillow is equipped with a neck massage system that reduces the level of the stress hormone and makes it easier to fall asleep. Another “chip” pillows – heat therapy. Pleasant heat from the neck spreads throughout your body, stimulating blood circulation and relieving headaches.

2. Spectacles sunglasses with video recordingNew Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

Simple sunglasses in the past. How do you like a stylish accessory that also records short 10-second videos and sends them to you on a smartphone? The glasses are available in three colors: black, coral and blue. In the frame is built a miniature camera, which starts recording, as soon as you touch an imperceptible button. The glasses work through the Snapchat application.

3. Smart EarplugsNew Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

Cannot sleep on an airplane or hotel? Here’s the solution: smart Hush earplugs that attenuate noise. They also imitate the sounds of nature – the singing of birds, the sound of rain or a waterfall. There is a smart alarm clock that will wake you only, without disturbing neighbors.

4. Smart suitcase AxialNew Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

In appearance, an ordinary suitcase, but near the handle, there is a USB-outlet for charging smartphones and tablets. A portable battery for 10 000 mAh, which is enough to 4 times to revive a fully grown gadget. The telescopic handle turns into a camp chair. And if you get the bar from the front of the suitcase and put it not a chair – it will be an excellent stand for the laptop. On the back of the bar, a chess field is drawn, and a set with a game is attached to the suitcase.

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5. Portable translator for 20 languages Mesay

Imagine a miniature gadget that translates your words and speech of the interlocutor into 20 languages on the move. The device works online. It can be used as an mp3 player, pedometer and mobile phone for emergency calls in any country. The device can be pre-ordered – until it is sold in a broad market.

6. Scooter for luggageNew Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

Two in one: a suitcase and a vehicle. Secure the luggage on the scooter and forward – for registration. The suitcase is unfastened from the scooter with one button. The volume of the bag is 50 liters, there are 5 compartments. The choice of different colors – from classic black to bright cartoonish. You can use a separate scooter, a separate suitcase.

7. Hi-Tech foot warmersNew Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

Insoles for shoes have reached a new level – now they help keep warm and keep the temperature at the right level. As a matter of fact, it is heaters with remote control. The temperature inside the shoe is controlled with a mini-console via Bluetooth. At the heart of the heater – a waterproof fabric. She does not let her feet get wet and lets her skin breathe.

8. Portable BreathalyzerNew Gadgets For A Comfortable Trip

The miniature sensor is compatible with iPhone and Android-devices. He has a USB storage device with a breathing tube at the end. The sensor transmits information to the application on your smartphone and saves the results.