Security For Your Data: Backup In The Cloud

Security For Your Data: Backup In The Cloud

Have you ever thought what you are going to do if all the information you save on your computer is lost? Do you have an updated and available backup in a safe place? In the online world, the backup in the cloud can be the solution that avoids irreparable losses of data.

If you are one of those who thinks that it will not happen to you or that tomorrow you are going to take care of it, you are already at risk. Disasters do not warn.

Data is a basic asset in your professional activity, in your company and in your personal life. Technological evolution gives dynamism and instantaneity to the exchange of information and transactions. But it also makes them vulnerable.

It is about taking the security measures that minimize the risks and protect our information.

Latent risksSecurity For Your Data: Backup In The Cloud

There are a number of potential risks that could cause damage to your data: fire, flood, electrical failure, equipment breakage, viruses, own or foreign errors, theft, fraud or malice of unfaithful employees. These are just some contingencies to which your information is exposed.

The idea is not to make an overwhelming list. But help raise awareness, then implement measures to protect the data.

Computer security basically implies:

  • Confidentiality: that only authorized persons have access to the data
  • Availability: that can be accessed whenever it is needed
  • Integrity: that there is no loss or modification of information.

Where is the backup?

The main measure to protect the information is to make backup copies. This rule, which seems simple, is not always true when it comes to the database of a professional or a small business or even personal files.Security For Your Data: Backup In The Cloud

Daily vertigo leads to not follow a computer security routine and to defer the moment of the backup. Or to not know the date of the last receipt, or where it was made or kept.

The point is that, when you need it, you realize that the backup does not work or that the rescue is very little.

Having a backup routine implies:

  • Schedule a daily or weekly time for backup tasks.
  • Define in which physical place the reservation will be made.
  • Carefully identify the backup.
  • Keep the backup device in a different place from the physical space where the equipment is to be protected.

Backup in the cloud

If you do not have the time or if you want to simplify the subject without neglecting the data, a good solution is to contract the services known as cloud or cloud.

It is a storage space in a set of servers of the provider that provides the service, which is accessed with a key and Internet connection.

More and more, people tend to work directly in the cloud instead of using physical servers and having automated backups.

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Benefits of the cloud

Storage capacity: the possibility of saving information is enormous. The cost is linked to the amount of space to use. As the volume of data grows, the cloud is easily scalable, with no need to change equipment or invest a lot of money.

Information backup: the providers of these services save the data automatically. In this way, you ensure you have a backup of the files with which you work and you can also safeguard the files used by your collaborators in their jobs.Security For Your Data: Backup In The Cloud

Greater protection: in the cloud, the data is stored on different servers in such a way that they are always protected from all physical danger. It is putting your data in professional hands.

Always accessible: if the computer stops working, it can be accessed from any other device. You can forget about the cumbersome data transfer when changing your equipment.

All synchronized: you always access the latest version of the file.

Data recovery: when copies are made on a physical device there is always the risk that it will be damaged or lost. On the other hand, recovering the files implies putting the backup copy back online. With the cloud, access is instantaneous.

Cost savings: saving in the cloud is much cheaper since you make a monthly payment much lower than the cost of maintaining servers, updating them, having a physical space and hiring qualified staff.

Cloud security

If you hire a serious company your data will be protected against physical losses and virus attacks.

Make sure they have certificates and that they use data encryption to protect the privacy and integrity of the data. He also reads the conditions of the services and verifies the opinions of his clients.Security For Your Data: Backup In The Cloud

You can provide security by taking care of your access passwords and entering secure networks. Use long, complex passwords that combine uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and alphanumeric characters. And modify it frequently.

One way to add security is to enable a two-step verification that allows you to check some additional information when entering.

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In the technological world, protecting data is a priority. With the cloud, you have an ally in the care of information and in the backup of your data. What are you waiting for to join the cloud?