La Boquería, Barcelona

7 Most Beautiful Covered Markets In Europe

If there is something that characterizes all the countries of Europe is its exquisite gastronomy , so when you are visiting one of its cities you cannot miss these beautiful covered markets. Besides being a real pleasure for the palate, you will also delight in its colors, traditions and culture.

We invite you to tour with us the 7 most beautiful covered markets in Europe, an experience full of flavor and color that will surely be unforgettable.

Charming cities and covered markets

Central Market, Florence (Italy)

When you visit Florence, the Central Market must be a mandatory stop. This market is the central hub for lovers of good cuisine and good eating. The old and very well preserved structure seems to move us to the time of the romantic renaissance.

On the ground floor of this wonderful market you will find the freshest cheeses, pastas, fritters, exquisite wines, coffee, freshly baked breads and much more. There is even a beautiful bookstore with beautiful little tables where you can sit and read a good book while enjoying all the delicacies you just bought not bad, right?

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul Spice Bazaar, Istanbul (Turkey)

In Istanbul we can find one of the most colorful places in the world, it is the Spice Bazaar. This is one of the most famous and old markets of the city, where you can indulge in an indescribable mix of colors and fragrances of spices, nuts and herbs.

Without a doubt, visiting the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul is one of those experiences that will awaken all your senses and you will love it. In addition, it is practically guaranteed that here you will find the greatest variety of spices, herbs, sweets and nuts in the world.

San Miguel Market, Madrid (Spain)

If there is something for which Spain is famous is for its exquisite gastronomy, which is why it is completely natural that some of its covered markets are present in our list.

The Mercado de San Miguel, located in Madrid, was built in 1916 and since then has been the roof of the most exquisite and varied delicacies that Spain can offer. In this beautiful and complete market you can find meat, fresh vegetables, cheeses, wines, beer, pastry and much more.

Central Market, ValenciaCentral Market, Valencia (Spain)

In Spain is another of the most impressive covered markets in the world, this is the Central Market of Valencia. This spectacular bazaar has 400 stalls selling all kinds of fresh food, making it the largest fresh market in Europe.

The construction of the Central Market of Valencia began in 1914 with the help of the architects Francesc Guàrdia i Vial and Alexandre Soler i March, who were responsible for the creation of the impressive glass and iron dome which now houses the 400 market.

La Boquería, BarcelonaLa Boquería, Barcelona (Spain)

In Barcelona, Spain, we find another of the most beautiful covered markets in Europe. The origin of this market goes back to the fifteenth century, which makes it one of the most interesting in the world.

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The atmosphere of this market that is near the Rambla is phenomenal , here you can delight in the freshest vegetables and fruits, the most delicious sausages, fish, meats, sweets, prepared food and much more.

Borough Market, London (Great Britain)

In London you will find one of the most multicultural covered markets in the world.  Here you will delight in the fruits, vegetables and general specialties of Africa, Thailand, the Balkans, India and, of course, you cannot miss the local delicacies.

Colón Market, ValenciaColón Market, Valencia (Spain)

In Valencia, Spain, we can also find another of the most beautiful covered markets in Europe. This spectacular market was built in 1914 and in 2013 it was completely restored.

The Mercado de Colón is a must stop if you are visiting the city of Valencia , in addition there you will be able to enjoy the most exquisite aromas and flavors of the fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sausages and fresh wines that only Spain can offer.

Visiting these covered markets is an experience full of flavor and culture that you will love for sure. Do you know about other European covered markets that we should add to the list?