The Life of Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter was born in 1900, just as the first world war was ending. Her life was an eventful time in British history, full of excitement and controversy. She was an orphan, and grew up in a small house in Yorkshire. She was a bright, lively child who enjoyed reading and playing and this no doubt gave her the influence to write some many tales. These were centred around animals including Jemima Puddleduck, Mrs Mitten and her naughty Kittens and the small mouse who was to become the Tailor of Gloucester. A great place to read that would be in one of the Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire. You could read it as a way of starting your Park Home Life.

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Although their childhood was happy the young Potter was a child very much alone. She was educated privately by a governess and holidayed in Scotland and the Lake District, an area that she was to fall deeply in love with. This lack of friends and similar aged companions may have influenced her writing later as she made up for the lack of playmates by imagining that the animals of the farm and the country become her friends.

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In adulthood she was an independent sole. She wrote 23 children’s books and seven scientific tracks on fungi. She was one of the country’s most respected mycologists. She married late and well but also benefited from the inheritance from an aunt. She used the income from her writing to purchase land around the Lake District that she left in totality to the National Trust. In this way she created the Lake district National Park.

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