The Romney Sheep

The UK has many different landscapes – from the huge mountains of the Highlands and Snowdonia, to the flatter fields of Norfolk and East Anglia, to the beautiful woodlands like the Forest of Dean and the New Forest. One part of the UK that is completely unlike any other however is Romney Marsh. This area in Kent is often referred to as the fifth continent, as well as the UKs only desert – so that should give you an idea of how very different it is!

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Romney marsh is popular with tourists and holiday makers who come to enjoy the beautiful area and its wildlife, and there are lots of things to do in Romney Marsh for al ages

Something else that Romney Marsh is famed for is its sheep – of course not just any sheep these are Romney sheep…

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These sheep are a relatively large breed and are now bred all over the UK although their numbers of course are higher in Romney Marsh, where they originated from. They are prized for being strong and adaptable and throughout the generations with no sign of these traits dying out. They are indeed one of the most favoured sheep in the world for these reasons.

As well as their hardy personalities, their wool is something else which is sought after all around the world. It is a very high quality and is used for many things, from carpet to blankets and is considered to be one of the highest quality wools in Britain.

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