Things Needed In The Gym

Things Needed In The Gym

The gym seems to the beginner to be a great, incomprehensible place, full of beautiful and confident people. But once these people had to overcome the same fears, and before the first visit, they also thought about what to take to the gym. With the help of experienced fitness instructors, we prepared a list of the essentials for training in the gym.

Sports Equipment Recommendations

To get the most out of class, you need to take with you:

  • Sports bag. First, you need to carry your stuff in some way. Any lightweight backpack or sports bag that fits all your gear will do. If you plan to take a shower after a workout and change clothes, there should be extra space in the bag. That is, in addition to the quality of the bag, check its size. It should have enough compartments for storing all essential items (for example, an anti-inflammatory gel used for stretching a ligament apparatus; an elastic bandage; protein shakes to restore energy; plastic bags with fasteners for changeable clothes and shoes).
  • Towel. No one likes to work out on simulators, where sweat stains are clearly visible, so one of the most necessary things to take with you to the gym is a towel. It is not necessary to take a large beach with you – just a small cotton terry towel with super absorbent effect. It needs to be changed before each trip to the fitness club.

Things Needed In The Gym

  • Headphones and playlist. There are thousands of different headphones on the market, so it all comes down to personal choice. In the gym it is convenient to be in wireless headphones: there is no risk that the wire will catch hold of something and distract during training. A good playlist perfectly motivates, helping to increase the vigor of interval jogging.

Things Needed In The Gym

  • Water bottle. In advanced gyms, there is a water cooler, but in ordinary ones it isn’t, so clean filtered water must be reserved in advance, especially if you want to focus on cardio load on a stationary bike or a treadmill.
  • Toilet articles. Heading to the gym, take with you everything that will help you stay fresh and awake. In order not to produce an unpleasant amber in the hall, carry with you a solid deodorant for the body (without parabens), with protection from odor and sweat, antibacterial wipes, body wash products, hairbrush, lip balm. Bear in mind that any odor on your body becomes much stronger when you sweat and heat up. Do not use strong perfume, perfumed products, and deodorants with a heavy odor. It can cause migraines and allergies to other people.
  • Comfortable clothes. For the convenience of the training process, most bodybuilders will need a T-shirt or T-shirt with short sleeves, sports shorts or pants. Do not choose baggy clothes, let them be comfortable, breathable and non-restrictive movement.

  • Sport shoes. If you came to the gym for the first time, you can train in any comfortable shoes that you have. Do not refuse to go to the gym just because you do not have branded sneakers. For professional weightlifters fit sneakers with lacing and with a flat sole. For lovers of running – special running shoes. Your shoes should meet your training goals.
  • Snack. In addition to water, take a light and healthy snack: bananas, apples, oranges, a protein bar or a shake.

  • Training plan planning your workouts and setting clear goals will help you see the progress of your workouts in the gym and feel more confident. You can print a workout plan or add it to your smartphone.

Additional devices

Being in the gym can be even more pleasant and safe thanks to the accessories, which include:

  • High socks. When occupying the camp bog you will probably need a pair of long socks. They will not allow the bar to scratch their feet.
  • Belts. Belts are fastened around the wrist to increase grip. Useful when doing traction, pulling up, other exercises, when grip strength is very important. Belts are considered a good help to the back, however, like gloves, they hinder the natural development of the arms. So this is a matter of personal preference.
  • The belt. Needed when doing “heavy” squats or thrust. Protect the lower back and press from injury.
  • Gloves. In order to avoid calluses on the hands, many athletes take gloves to the gym, which not only protects the hands but also promotes grip when lifting weights.

Things Needed In The Gym

  • Fitness tracker. A fashionable fitness tracker on the wrist allows you to track heart rate during workouts, the level of stress during the day, relaxation time and other indicators. The model is better to choose a reliable and easy to read, so as not to be interrupted and not be distracted from training.
  • Knee pads. It is worth noting that for powerlifters need more dense knee pads than for ordinary people involved in fitness in the gym. They prevent injuries, support weak joints and muscles. Wrapping the knee also helps stabilize the knee joint.
  • Headband. During classes in the fitness club, the girl will be especially helpful with various hair accessories: elastic bandages, elastic bands, hairpins.

We hope that you have received complete information about what to take with you to the gym in order to spend time with maximum benefit in training. Pack everything you need in advance so that you don’t rush on the day of class and don’t forget anything!

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